Tropical Honeymoon Diaries: What to do on a three-day vacation to Puerto Rico

Do you love the Caribbean? Well, it is one of the most favorite destinations for all the honeymooners in the world. Because it is a tropical Caribbean travel destination, Puerto Rico is quite popular in demand. If you are planning to make your partner happy, a three-day vacation to Puerto Rico can do the trick for you. It’s a tropical wonder that is a must-visit making it a romantic destination too. Laden with beautiful palm-lined beaches, cool water, and sunny sky it is an ideal choice for lovers. 

The charm of Puerto Rico is worth the honeymoon!

Spanish culture is charming with an American twist. Here, in the Caribbean, you can plan to visit quaint towns, sunny-side villages and enjoy a great chain of restaurants too. Exciting, isn’t it? We have piled a list of possible vacation destinations in Puerto Rico you will fall in love with:

Old San Juan

History mixed up with romance is what makes this place more than ideal. A three-day vacation to Puerto Rico is incomplete without a visit to a UNESCO World Heritage Site! You will find El Morro Fort as the main center of attraction. It’s a short walk from the central city and is considered to be quite charming destinations too.

Culebra Island

What is a honeymoon without a day at the beach? A small island with beautiful beaches will make you and your partner relax enough to enjoy a suntan. The horseshoe-shaped island, Playa Flamenco, is quite famous for couples. You can enjoy a good swim or experience a diving adventure too.

Vieques and Bioluminescent Bay

Are you excited to visit a bay that glows at nighttime? What the couple loves most about the Vieques is the unique phenomenon “Bioluminescent Bay”. Because of the large concentration of Phosphorescent dinoflagellates, their movement causes the water to light up at night. You can book a nighttime tour to the beach or plan a romantic bonfire too. 

El Yunque National Park

If you are one of those couples with a passion for wandering around the natural surroundings, then this natural beauty will stun you to complete amazement. A decorated rainforest with hundreds of plant species makes El Yunque National Park a great adventure site. You can follow the trials, book a tour, and enjoy the day exploring the natural beauty of Puerto Rico.


If you watched Baywatch, then Rincon is a surfing reminder for you. Since Puerto Rico is laced with tons of small islands, Rincon is famous as a surfing town among the locals. Hence, if you are up for a challenge to be amazed by the fun in the water, you will love the day surfing away on the cool waters of the Caribbean. You might just hit your luck and even get to experience humpback whale-watching too.

Isla Desecheo

Since you were interested in surfing, you can give another surprise in the form of a diving experience on Puerto Rico’s west coast. Just 12 miles away from Rincon, Isla Desecheo can be the most crowded place of the year because of the famous coral reefs. So why not record happy moments underwater surrounded by aquatic species?

Final Thought

Isn’t it surprising? There’s a lot you can do in just a three days vacation to Puerto Rico. Famous as lover’s heaven, you can plan for an exciting and equally romantic honeymoon getaway not far from home either. So what do you think? If your anniversary is nearby or even thinking to propose to your partner now will be the right time!


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