Top tourist attractions in Costa Rica

Costa Rica

Life is unpredictable and COVID-19 is proof of it. The times when the whole world was thinking and planning for their new business ventures, travel plans, it came in like a giant monster to destroy it all. However, the bright side of the chaos is that it will end and we can get back to the road.

Therefore, use the time and plan your next trip. Yes, we have to get back to the road and fly again to keep the world alive with our soulful energies. Also, the pandemic has witnessed many intimate weddings and couples are still looking for a chance for their memorable honeymoon.

Well, you don’t have to sit idle at home, you can wait for the situation to get normal and also plan your journey. To help you with the planning, we are here presenting some of the top attractions in Costa Rica. Plan with a family or a spouse, just make sure you know about them before you go.

1. Corcovado National Park & Drake Bay

This is the location situated at the north of the Osa Peninsula. The parks allow you to enjoy the camping, hiking trails, and much more. If you want to live close to nature and enjoy the serene moments, this is the top place to visit in Costa Rica. You can take the boat trip, and also see many animals in endangered species. So, get lucky and be the part of alluring nature during your memorable visit to the Corcovado National Park & Drake Bay.

2. Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve

Living in quarantine for all this time can be exhausting. Therefore, we are ensuring that you know about the naturally rich places. So, here is another mesmerizing forest in the list named as Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve. The place has unique tranquility in the environment that comes with beauty and a lot of activities like birding, cloud forest, discovering the chocolate, coffee, etc. and a tour to the butterfly garden.

3. Arenal Volcano

It is the famous active volcano in Costa Rica. It is a large, symmetrical volcano that’s built upon layers of ash, rock, and lava. And it is at 5,437 feet (1,657 meters).

The Arenal volcano is the most popular tourist spot since then and now you can try activities like hiking, rafting and a lot more.

4. Las Pailas Trail

Wildlife experience is the best activity to enjoy in your life. The trail should take approximately 2 hours. It has immense scenery and wildlife to nourish your sightseeing adventure and camping. So, take the plunge and hire a tour guide to enjoy the amazing time exploring the exotic place in Costa Rica.


Overall, Costa Rica is the place for amazing parks and wonderful wildlife spots. So, if you have the slightest interest in the coastline adventures or a homegrown coffee, Costa Rica is the place that you must keep in your list for a next trip.

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