Top 5 Popular Jamaica’s Native Fruits



We know that most people like to have heavy meals and unique cuisines on holiday. What if I tell you that you can try some unique fruits too? Yes, it is possible if you are visiting Jamaica. This place is not only charming in beautiful views, but it also has the best food and drinks to spend your time relaxing at any corner of the country. Of course, you don’t want to do it later, but trying out some popular fruits can be a fun activity.

But to get the fruits, you need to come out from the beaches and step in the markets. These markets are full of the variety of fruits you need to try.

We are naming some of the famous fruits that you must try during your holiday in Jamaica.

Do you know that Jamaica’s fruits are not just the eating choice, but it also tells a story of its history?


This is the Caribbean fruit, and you can probably find it throughout Latin America. It’s a hairy lychee fruit; you will open them up and suck the flesh. They are mostly found late in winter. If you are there in the season, this is a must-try.


It is not just a fruit, but it is treated as a national dish in Jamaica. A native fruit is famous in Jamaica since the 18th century. You can also see many trees of this fruit growing up on the island. If you can talk to your travel agent, try to book a short tour of the farms nearby, you will find more trees of Ackee. The fruit is from the lychee family, and it will look like scrambled eggs after cooking it.


You might know about this fruit already, and probably you already know the taste, but the name is different. Yes, it is known as Sapodilla in other countries. They have a sweet flavor and most alluring fragrance. You can find it between March and May in Jamaica.


This fruit is yellow and pulpy. Mostly people use this for the chutneys and for adding taste to their other dishes. The weight of the fruit can be between 10 to 100 pounds. It is fruit-rich with calcium, potassium and iron. This is the reason for calling this a “miracle fruit”. This fruit can help people fight starvation.  


This fruit was first transferred to Manchester. The name says its story as it is something cross of orange and a tangerine. So, if you are visiting Jamaica add this to your list too.

Final Thoughts

While you are traveling to the places, remember that trying their local fruit or food is always important. The meals, fruits, and vegetables can tell strange tales about the country. Also, countries like Jamaica are Caribbean islands; they have a lot of undiscovered dishes. As a tourist, you should feel responsible for finding them, taste and spread the word about it. 


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