Top Things To Do In New Zealand

New Zealand is a country that is full of captivating adventures. As a traveler, you will find countless options to do here. It is considered as an all in one visit and you will love each and everything about the country.

The tourists always try to enjoy as many things as they can, throughout their tour to a specific country. My friend who owns Gerbasi Ristorante in the Bronx, is always talking about his adventures to this beautiful country.

When a person is traveling to an all in one place like New Zealand, then he must be thinking about the ways to double the adventure and fun of your trip in two days.

New Zealand is divided into two islands that are split in the North and South.

If you are planning to travel towards New Zealand then this article is going to be much helpful for you. 

In today’s post, we are going to discuss the top 5 things you should do in New Zealand during your short trip.

So, let’s get started.

Visit the Mount Doom in Tongariro

The first thing that you should go for is to visit the Mount Doom that is located in Tongariro, New Zealand.

Tongariro is one of the oldest national parks situated in the north island of New Zealand.

The national park holds three active volcanoes. Among these three the Mount Doom is most famous among tourists.

This national park also consists of picture-perfect Tongariro Alpine Crossing (which is the most famous hikes in the world), it also features hot springs, boiling mud pools and some Maori religious sites as well.

Enjoy Sailing Throughout The Bay Of Islands

Another amazing place located on the northern side of New Zealand in the Bay of Islands.

The Bay of Islands consists of almost 144 islands (the number of islands is not properly calculated). The place offers a huge number of coastlines as well.

You can also spend some time with the locals here. They are friendly and they welcome the tourists whole-heartedly.

You can explore the coastline by using a boat, and other means of transports are also available of explore the villages.

The well-known town of Russell is also situated in the Bay of Islands. You can visit the town of Russell to get the experience of an amazing seafood lunch.

Enjoy Picnic At Whangarei Falls

Whangarei Falls are located at an altitude of 24 feet.

They keep on flowing throughout the year. Another amazing fact is that the Whangarei Falls are much popular among tourists because these are among the most photogenic waterfalls located in New Zealand.

You can reach the Whangarei Falls easily. Here you can enjoy a peaceful walk near the green bushes or you can find a beautiful spot to enjoy your picnic near the main zone.

Explore the Waipoua Kauri Forest

The Waipoua Kauri Forest is located on the west coast of Hokianga, New Zealand.

To explore this picturesque place you need to head towards the Hokianga at first.

In the Waipoua Kauri Forest, you will find some kauri trees with giant height and age.

Some of the trees are almost 3000 years old. The most iconic one among them is known as Tane Mahuta, which is the largest tree in the world.

It is 167 feet in height while 13 meters of width.

A Guide to Iceland’s Hot Springs


Hot springs in Iceland were formed as remnants of an extinct volcano. Volcanoes generally collapse and the ground quickly gains pressure and the collapse releases heat from the interior to the surface. The result is a geothermal spa which, although far from a perfect pool, can produce plenty of rejuvenating benefits for the human body.


Hot springs are naturally hot. However, it’s important to keep in mind that it takes time for the heat to reach the skin; you should expect the temperature to be several degrees hotter than your natural body temperature. You should not use the hot springs if you have fever or other illness because it may increase the severity of the condition.


To enjoy your hot springs, it’s important to dress appropriately. The Iceland climate is sub-tropical so dress accordingly. The Iceland tourist office has issued a number of clothing tips to help tourists prepare for their trip. If you plan to stay at one of the Iceland hot springs, you may also need to dress for the season – especially the underwear because Icelandic climate is particularly warm and damp.


As Iceland is surrounded by ocean, the climate is normally quite warm. In summer months, it may get a little too hot for some visitors. The Iceland tourist office can recommend appropriate clothing for your stay. For instance, if you’re a swimmer, they may recommend a wetsuit.


Iceland has a diverse landscape. Because of this, there are a wide variety of landscapes to encounter on your trip to Iceland. The landscape of Iceland is divided into two parts: green mountains and brown fields. Among the popular sights you may come across on your trip to Iceland are the geothermal spas and geysers. Some Iceland hotels and resorts offer outdoor hot springs.


It’s very important to note that Iceland hot water spa treatment requires a great deal of skill and expertise. A typical technician would have to go into the spa and take a temperature sample. He or she will then use equipment like hydrotherapy and temperature electrodes to bring the water to the required temperature. Before the water is treated, it is tested for pH, contaminants and its acid and alkalinity.


Hot springs in Iceland are usually made from granite and soapstone. The temperature of the water can vary, depending on what kind of stone is used and the climate of the location. Hot water fountains are also found in Iceland. When you walk into one of these fountains, the temperature can be extremely warm, as much as 50 degrees above normal.


Most Icelanders enjoy taking a dip in the hot spring. In fact, most Icelanders have their own hot tubs. Hot tubs are equipped with jets that can stimulate the blood and help to soften your skin. Hot water fountains in Iceland can also be used to keep you relaxed and stress-free. Many Icelanders say that they prefer to take a dip in their hot tubs after a strenuous day at work.


If you’re staying in Iceland, don’t miss out on the opportunity to experience hot springs. Iceland tourism can be a beautiful experience, if you get there early enough to rent a spa or hot tub, before the weather gets too cold. Once you have your spa or hot tub, you’ll be glad that you made the effort. You’ll be able to relax in the warmth and enjoy the sights and sounds of this exotic, yet familiar place.



How to Enjoy a Vacation with Little Kids

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Little kids can be a real deal, and with the pandemic situation and being stuck with the toddlers is even more challenging at times. Still, you have all the right to plan vacations with these blessings of life. Now, while you are planning it, you must be thinking of making it stress-free and enjoyable for all the family. Making it only kids specific might make it less fun or you, but you cannot let the vacations all about you either. So, here are some solid tips to follow as you want your next holidays to be perfect in every way.

So, if you don’t want to lose your mind on the vacations, let us help you.

Keep the day-drive short

Travelling with children will have many unplanned stops. So, plan short drives with them. Making them sit in a car for long periods can be frustrating, and you don’t want all the yelling, crying or tiredness at the back of the car while driving. Therefore, plan the drive according to the children. Some enjoy the ride, but they still need stretching legs and seeing the sites. Happy kids make trips more fun, so let them have their type of joy instead of rushing to the destinations. Keep your schedule flexible for it.

Stop at the beaches or parks often

Beaches and parks work like a charm. Moreover, you can get some time to play, rest, and an amazing meal out there. Kids can relax and enjoy their time choosing different activities out there to make it unforgettable in every way. Children are more into experiences than enjoying a destination. Therefore, these stops at parks and beaches can be magical for them.

Travel during the off-season

The off-season is the ideal because you will have to face lesser crowds and fewer fee charges at various places. Hotels are cheap, and family rooms are easily available too. Also, the beachside fun becomes more of a treat than it is with the people everywhere. Fewer people on you right and left give your kids more place to play and have the fun as they like it to be.

Do not make hard and fast plans

With children, there is no way you will be able to accomplish your hard and fast plans. It doesn’t work with them. Keep your schedule flexible and be open about changing the plans last-minute. Kids like spontaneous fun rather than plans. So, let it be their way.

Decide the Places according to the kids

Places are most important as every child has a different taste when it comes to entertainment and fun on vacations. So, understand your child and decide the destination keeping their interests in mind. The benefit is that there will be fewer complaints and more excitement on your vacations. If it somehow matches your interest too, it is double fun.

However, some of the cool suggestions for places are given below. Try including them in your next holiday plans.

·         Crystal River, Florida

·         Bermuda

·         Moab, Utah

·         Prince Edward Island, Canada

Start Packing!

Now, enough of the question of how to enjoy vacations with little kids. It is time to act on the plan and start packing. You already know the drill, and the most important thing is to be flexible in your plans. 



Top 5 Popular Jamaica’s Native Fruits



We know that most people like to have heavy meals and unique cuisines on holiday. What if I tell you that you can try some unique fruits too? Yes, it is possible if you are visiting Jamaica. This place is not only charming in beautiful views, but it also has the best food and drinks to spend your time relaxing at any corner of the country. Of course, you don’t want to do it later, but trying out some popular fruits can be a fun activity.

But to get the fruits, you need to come out from the beaches and step in the markets. These markets are full of the variety of fruits you need to try.

We are naming some of the famous fruits that you must try during your holiday in Jamaica.

Do you know that Jamaica’s fruits are not just the eating choice, but it also tells a story of its history?


This is the Caribbean fruit, and you can probably find it throughout Latin America. It’s a hairy lychee fruit; you will open them up and suck the flesh. They are mostly found late in winter. If you are there in the season, this is a must-try.


It is not just a fruit, but it is treated as a national dish in Jamaica. A native fruit is famous in Jamaica since the 18th century. You can also see many trees of this fruit growing up on the island. If you can talk to your travel agent, try to book a short tour of the farms nearby, you will find more trees of Ackee. The fruit is from the lychee family, and it will look like scrambled eggs after cooking it.


You might know about this fruit already, and probably you already know the taste, but the name is different. Yes, it is known as Sapodilla in other countries. They have a sweet flavor and most alluring fragrance. You can find it between March and May in Jamaica.


This fruit is yellow and pulpy. Mostly people use this for the chutneys and for adding taste to their other dishes. The weight of the fruit can be between 10 to 100 pounds. It is fruit-rich with calcium, potassium and iron. This is the reason for calling this a “miracle fruit”. This fruit can help people fight starvation.  


This fruit was first transferred to Manchester. The name says its story as it is something cross of orange and a tangerine. So, if you are visiting Jamaica add this to your list too.

Final Thoughts

While you are traveling to the places, remember that trying their local fruit or food is always important. The meals, fruits, and vegetables can tell strange tales about the country. Also, countries like Jamaica are Caribbean islands; they have a lot of undiscovered dishes. As a tourist, you should feel responsible for finding them, taste and spread the word about it. 


Tropical Honeymoon Diaries: What to do on a three-day vacation to Puerto Rico

Do you love the Caribbean? Well, it is one of the most favorite destinations for all the honeymooners in the world. Because it is a tropical Caribbean travel destination, Puerto Rico is quite popular in demand. If you are planning to make your partner happy, a three-day vacation to Puerto Rico can do the trick for you. It’s a tropical wonder that is a must-visit making it a romantic destination too. Laden with beautiful palm-lined beaches, cool water, and sunny sky it is an ideal choice for lovers. 

The charm of Puerto Rico is worth the honeymoon!

Spanish culture is charming with an American twist. Here, in the Caribbean, you can plan to visit quaint towns, sunny-side villages and enjoy a great chain of restaurants too. Exciting, isn’t it? We have piled a list of possible vacation destinations in Puerto Rico you will fall in love with:

Old San Juan

History mixed up with romance is what makes this place more than ideal. A three-day vacation to Puerto Rico is incomplete without a visit to a UNESCO World Heritage Site! You will find El Morro Fort as the main center of attraction. It’s a short walk from the central city and is considered to be quite charming destinations too.

Culebra Island

What is a honeymoon without a day at the beach? A small island with beautiful beaches will make you and your partner relax enough to enjoy a suntan. The horseshoe-shaped island, Playa Flamenco, is quite famous for couples. You can enjoy a good swim or experience a diving adventure too.

Vieques and Bioluminescent Bay

Are you excited to visit a bay that glows at nighttime? What the couple loves most about the Vieques is the unique phenomenon “Bioluminescent Bay”. Because of the large concentration of Phosphorescent dinoflagellates, their movement causes the water to light up at night. You can book a nighttime tour to the beach or plan a romantic bonfire too. 

El Yunque National Park

If you are one of those couples with a passion for wandering around the natural surroundings, then this natural beauty will stun you to complete amazement. A decorated rainforest with hundreds of plant species makes El Yunque National Park a great adventure site. You can follow the trials, book a tour, and enjoy the day exploring the natural beauty of Puerto Rico.


If you watched Baywatch, then Rincon is a surfing reminder for you. Since Puerto Rico is laced with tons of small islands, Rincon is famous as a surfing town among the locals. Hence, if you are up for a challenge to be amazed by the fun in the water, you will love the day surfing away on the cool waters of the Caribbean. You might just hit your luck and even get to experience humpback whale-watching too.

Isla Desecheo

Since you were interested in surfing, you can give another surprise in the form of a diving experience on Puerto Rico’s west coast. Just 12 miles away from Rincon, Isla Desecheo can be the most crowded place of the year because of the famous coral reefs. So why not record happy moments underwater surrounded by aquatic species?

Final Thought

Isn’t it surprising? There’s a lot you can do in just a three days vacation to Puerto Rico. Famous as lover’s heaven, you can plan for an exciting and equally romantic honeymoon getaway not far from home either. So what do you think? If your anniversary is nearby or even thinking to propose to your partner now will be the right time!


Top 5 romantically best destinations for couples

Romance may be off the air right now because of the COVID-19, but you cannot keep it so long. So, take the first chance you get for the romantic trip coming year and treat yourself with the glory of romance while exploring the new places out there. Now, the time is to talk about the Best Destinations for Couples. Here is the shortlist that might help you organize your next romantic trip with your spouse.

1. Bali

Bali is the place of romance for the ones who enjoy their spectacular view while having dinner on the beach. Yes, you can get some luxury hotels, rooms and there are amazing places to spark the bond between a couple. You can try Jet Ski, surfing, strolling near the beach and yes, keep coming to the cocktails for an amazing time at the beachside. If you want to wander around, there are Islands and luxury hotels to spend a wonderful time with your partner.

best destinations for couples

2. Maldives

When you talk about the honeymoon, Maldives is one of the top places because of the island and beaches. A couple can enjoy strolling at the beach or book for a romantic candlelight dinner at the Island. Moreover, you can get yourself a helicopter rider over the Island exploring every corner of the Island. Also, scuba diving is a famous activity and couples can really enjoy the adventure together. So, wander around and visit the best places in the Maldives, and do not forget about the candlelight dinner.


3. Italy

Italy may seem a little less romantic to the people, but this place is for the ones with the sparky and lively touch in their relationship. Get the free Venice walking tour, a gondola ride, exploring the Dorsoduro, or have lunch at Torcello. All of these places and activities can make you have a romantic time out there. If you are looking for some party fun, you can enjoy central Venice with a nice view of the canal too. It can be crowded or loud, but isn’t it the main fun of the party?


4. Amsterdam

Did you say romance? Yes, here comes Amsterdam. The place that is the hottest destination for any couple to plan their romantic trip. Streets, hotels, in fact, the whole vibe of this amazing country is romantic. You must fear traveling alone there, but it is super cozy and romantic with your spouse. So, the pedal boat, cinema, and even a concert in the western trek can be an amazing evening for a couple.


5. Cappadocia, Turkey

A hot air balloon is not a hidden activity. And it is a romantic way to propose or just have a nice romantic chit chat while you are high in the sky. So, let yourself be a part of something great in turkey by planning a trip to Cappadocia. Beaches and parties are a greater joy out there with a pure romantic vibe for the couples.

Cappadocia, Turkey

Final Thoughts

So, get your passports ready to be with your partner at any of the above mentioned best destinations for couples in the near future. Also, do not hesitate to share your experience!!

Top tourist attractions in Costa Rica

Costa Rica

Life is unpredictable and COVID-19 is proof of it. The times when the whole world was thinking and planning for their new business ventures, travel plans, it came in like a giant monster to destroy it all. However, the bright side of the chaos is that it will end and we can get back to the road.

Therefore, use the time and plan your next trip. Yes, we have to get back to the road and fly again to keep the world alive with our soulful energies. Also, the pandemic has witnessed many intimate weddings and couples are still looking for a chance for their memorable honeymoon.

Well, you don’t have to sit idle at home, you can wait for the situation to get normal and also plan your journey. To help you with the planning, we are here presenting some of the top attractions in Costa Rica. Plan with a family or a spouse, just make sure you know about them before you go.

1. Corcovado National Park & Drake Bay

This is the location situated at the north of the Osa Peninsula. The parks allow you to enjoy the camping, hiking trails, and much more. If you want to live close to nature and enjoy the serene moments, this is the top place to visit in Costa Rica. You can take the boat trip, and also see many animals in endangered species. So, get lucky and be the part of alluring nature during your memorable visit to the Corcovado National Park & Drake Bay.

2. Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve

Living in quarantine for all this time can be exhausting. Therefore, we are ensuring that you know about the naturally rich places. So, here is another mesmerizing forest in the list named as Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve. The place has unique tranquility in the environment that comes with beauty and a lot of activities like birding, cloud forest, discovering the chocolate, coffee, etc. and a tour to the butterfly garden.

3. Arenal Volcano

It is the famous active volcano in Costa Rica. It is a large, symmetrical volcano that’s built upon layers of ash, rock, and lava. And it is at 5,437 feet (1,657 meters).

The Arenal volcano is the most popular tourist spot since then and now you can try activities like hiking, rafting and a lot more.

4. Las Pailas Trail

Wildlife experience is the best activity to enjoy in your life. The trail should take approximately 2 hours. It has immense scenery and wildlife to nourish your sightseeing adventure and camping. So, take the plunge and hire a tour guide to enjoy the amazing time exploring the exotic place in Costa Rica.


Overall, Costa Rica is the place for amazing parks and wonderful wildlife spots. So, if you have the slightest interest in the coastline adventures or a homegrown coffee, Costa Rica is the place that you must keep in your list for a next trip.

Must-visit and the Best Places to Visit in Ireland

Ireland is never out of the wonderful places for the travel enthusiast. The country is not a big one, but it still is an amazing place for the ones who like to stroll around nature and experience the best around them. The benefit of a small country is that you can visit as many places as you want. So, here is a shortlist of the stunning tourists’ spots you must include in a list of your trip.

Best Places to Visit in Ireland

1. Blarney Castle and Gardens

You will love to explore this marvelous place if you are a history lover. The place is surrounded by ancient trees and stones from the pre-Christian days. If you are intrigued by the magic, this might be the top choice for you to visit in Ireland. So, grab your chance of strolling in the most spectacular gardens of Ireland and make your trip memorable there.

2. Dingle Bay

This is one of the mesmerizing places as the high sea cliffs give you a charming view and also various activities to enjoy. Fishing, boating, looking to the dolphin fungi and a lot of the other activities are waiting for you. Moreover, the Ventry harbor is an amazing place near the Dingle bay. So, while you are visiting the town, you can keep this place on a list too.

3. Skellig Michael

This is the island that can be reached through the boat. People usually choose this tour to enjoy the scenery and have a fantastic time. The visual experience of the cost can be a magical time for many people. So, find out the available tours and do not miss your chance to have an amazing time on the Skellig Michael.

4. Cliffs of Moher

This place is a fascinating beauty especially for the ones in love. It is a haven for nature lovers and the ones who like the celebrity stardom. Also, the place is famous for many TV shows, movies and including Harry Potter and Half-blood Prince. So, if you admire any of them, you must plan your next trip for this place too.

5. National Gallery of Ireland

This gallery is located in Dublin and every year, thy holds plenty of events that keep this place busy and crowded. History, art, culture and anything you want to know about Ireland can be found here. You can find the events for botanical art, talking with the artists, and taking their insights about exquisite art is all worth visiting.

6. Titanic Belfast

Titanic Belfast, one of the best places to visit in Ireland. It is a monument that offers you a delightful experience of Titanic. You can shop, enjoy eateries and a walking tour of the gallery too. So, overall, it is a complete treat for anyone interested in a beautiful day.


So, if you are looking forward to the astounding trip, keep all of the above mentioned best places in mind. It is quite a visual appeal for the tourists, so make sure you don’t miss anything worth capturing.

7 reasons to travel to Greece with safety

For a traveler, absorbing nature’s beauty is as important as inhaling oxygen. Visiting Greece is a dream for almost every visitor or tourist with bucket lists. Nothing can beat the feeling of standing at the beach and enjoying the sun-kissed vibrant sky.

travel to Greece

You will be able to enjoy this significant view from the euphoric beautiful place of Greece. Among other European counties, Greece is the beginner of Western civilization. When we talk about European culture, history, art, philosophy, language, etc, most of the credits go to Greece.

Each year countless tourists make plans to visit this place, hoping they will get to see the famous historic artifacts and remains in flesh. Getting the opportunity to travel here isn’t going to be the only adventure of your journey. It will begin when you will decide to go for island hopping in Greece. The gorgeous shoreline of this country is another flaunting feature of all the time.

If you want to make a plan to visit Greece, then you are in the right place. We will discuss here the things to do in Greece and how you will be able to do safe travel.

Let’s talk about the reasons why people have to visit Greece at least once in their lifetime.

Stunning landscapes

Stunning landscapes

Among other reasons, this is the most lucrative one to travel to this country. By visiting Greece, you will be able to experience a variety of lifestyles and amazing places at once. You can decide to explore the exotic and pure beach life at first. Then go for the Rocky Mountains, valleys, lavishing forests, etc.

Monumental artifacts of ancient Greece

Don’t forget that you are going to the place of several amazing artifacts. You will see so many UNESCO heritage sites too.

Many travelers loved visiting the below-mentioned places-

  • The museum of Acropolis in Athens
  • Open-air island museum of Delos
  • The gorgeous Byzantine monuments of Thessaloniki
  • Archeological sites of Delphi
  • Palace of Knossos
  • The beautiful old town of Rhodes

Colorful nightlife

Yes, you will get to party in the islands of Ios, Mykonos, and then move the journey to the cities like Thessaloniki or Athens. The vibrant nightlife will give you a euphoric feeling.

Luscious foods

Luscious foods

Foods and drinks are another reason for you to visit the place. Here you will get to taste the famous liquors like- Greek wines and other delicious dishes. If you decide to do island hopping in Greece, you will discover plenty of special island foods along with the dishes of rural areas.

Perfect place for summer

Everyone knows that Greece is the most perfect place to spend your summertime. If you are planning to visit the island, you should plan it during the time between April to end of the May, or from September to October.

This is a convenient time for travelers as the services, temperatures, crowds, etc, will be in your favor. Yet, you are allowed to visit the country in any of your chosen seasons.

Fun outdoor activities

As you will be able to experience a vast number of beautiful places, you will find so many fun and outdoor activities. For example- you can consider diving in underwater caves, climb the rocks of Meteora, or surf in Tinos, etc.

A cost-effective place to visit

Compared to other European countries, visiting Greece can be very affordable for you. You will get to enjoy and also save a lot of your bucks by choosing this place.

How will you be safe during your trip to Greece?

  • Make sure to travel with a smartphone that will work in Greece.
  • Always carry a good map with you while starting your day.
  • A smart traveler knows that traveling with big luggage will only bring you lots of hassles.
  • Keep a color copy of your passport with you everywhere.
  • Always travel in a group.
  • Try to learn a few basic Greek words to communicate with the locals. Also, take the necessary medications with you.

trip to Greece