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 HE Dr. C. O. Kolade

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Dr Christopher Kolade  [High Commissioner].

His Excellency Dr. Christopher Kolade, CON arrived in the United Kingdom in March 2002 and on May 22, 2002 was granted an audience with her Majesty The Queen at which he presented his Letters of Commission as High Commissioner for the Federal Republic of Nigeria in the United Kingdom. Mrs Kolade was also received by her Majesty on the same day.

A veteran broadcaster, colonial era Education Officer, and a seasoned private sector manager, Dr. Kolade was at one time Managing Director of Cadbury Nigeria Plc., and was its Chairman from 1993 –2002. He taught Corporate Governance and Human Resource Management at the Lagos Business School from 1991- 2002.

Born in Osun State in 1932, he completed his secondary education at Government College, Ibadan and then studied at Fourah Bay College, Freetown, Sierra Leone. He started his career as an Education Officer in the now defunct Western Region in 1955 and moved on to broadcasting as West Regional Controller of the Nigerian Broadcasting Corporation (NBC) in 1960. He was Director-General of NBC from 1972 – 1978,after which he joined Cadbury as Administration Director.

Dr. Kolade, who was organist and choirmaster of St.Peter’s Church, Faji, Lagos for many years, enjoys music and playing lawn tennis.

In 2010 we took a trip to the United States a few months back and visited many places around the Atlanta area. Many things in Georgia reminded me of the UK, the hustle and bustle of the city streets, the cars running up and down the roads and the tall buildings. But there was one minor incident that happened while we participated in the hustle and bustle.

We were driving down the Interstate 85 in Atlanta when a large stone came up from the road and struck the front windshield of the BMW that we were driving. The windshield was broken all the way across, so there was no way to do just a simple athens windshield repair.

We drove around for the rest of the day and finished up some important errands in the city. As we were returning to our hotel, a radio commercial came on that said “Do you need a windshield replacement Atlanta? Call us and we come to you!”, so we took down the number and called.

Of course, we had a rain sensor on our windshield which made it a little more.  But Auto Glass Atlanta had the rain sensor equipped windshield in stock and since they also had a low price we decided to schedule them to come and replace it. The representative we spoke to on the phone said that they could come out the next morning and replace it here at the Hilton.

The next morning about 10:45 Justin arrived in a white van with our windshield in the back. He took a rack out and placed our new windshield on it and cleaned it and prepped it for installation. He then took some type of power tool he called a equalizer and cut the windshield out of the car. He removed the rear view mirror from the car window and set it aside to mount on the new windshield.

He removed all the old glue from the mounting area and replaced it with a new urethane adhesive. He then took some type of very strong suction cups and attached them to the new windshield. Him and his partner then set the glass into the opening and secured it into place. He then reattached my rear view mirror to the new glass and reconnected the rain sensor assembly.

It was apparent that this was not the first time that he had done a BMW windshield before, every move was calculated. From removing the wipers to the final setting of the windshield. I was very impressed with how thorough the process was.

We paid the technician for replacing the windshield and just in time, as a few rain drops began to fall.

Later that evening we would out to eat and the rain was coming down even harder. The rain sensor sped up the speed of the wipers properly and there were no leaks.

It did deter us a little from sight seeing, but it could have been much worse.